Grab your sword and your gun and join the Tenno warriors


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Warframe is a completely free third-person-shooter game, whose strength lies in its online cooperative mode, where you can play with friends or strangers on the Internet, gain upgrades and advance through a story that is far more complex than it first seems.

Early in the game, the narrator explains that your avatar is part of the Tenno, an alien race of "space samurai" that, equipped with an impressive armoury, lethal swords, and an impressive arsenal of firearms, has decided to recover their planet from the clutches of the Grineer, a race of aliens that is gradually taking over the galaxy.

And with that, the game begins, following all of the basic conventions of a third person shooter: you can move freely around the scenery with various weapons (both guns and swords), killing AI controlled enemies, coordinating attacks with friends, and ultimately, surviving wave after wave of enemy attacks.

At the end of each of the levels your character gets a number of experience points, with which, little by little, you can improve not only their skills, but also their arsenal. In fact, it is even necessary to build some of the best pieces of equipment.

Visually, Warframe is an outstanding game, and ok, it doesn't quite reach the levels of the top games such as the Crysis franchise titles, but it offers a real visual spectacle that is further enhanced when there are lots of enemies on the screen.

Warframe is a great third person shooter, that doesn't just give you the chance to play with your friends in a truly entertaining co-op mode, but it does so completely free of charge, although you are free to donate if you enjoy the game.
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